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Candles and Essential Oils

Common Queries

You Asked, We Answered


What are the benefits of using soy candles over more traditional paraffin wax candles?

Our soy candles are made with 100% 464 soy wax that is derived from soybeans and is 100% biodegradable. Soy candles are non-toxic, better for the environment and your health, burn cleaner and produces 90% less soot than your average paraffin candle. They also burn longer and give off a stronger scent throw.

What are the burn times of your candles?

The burn times listed below are approximate times which can fluctuate due to factors such as placement of candles, drafts in the location, length of wick when trimmed, and the air circulation. 

9oz Candle = Approx. Burn Time 60 Hours

6.5oz Candle = Approx. Burn Time 50 Hours

5 oz Candle = Approx. Burn Time 30 Hours

1 Six Pack Melt = Approx. 3 Hours Each Square

Why does my candle have blemishes?

We make our candles with 100% soy wax and hand pour each batch. Due to the natural composition of the soy wax used there will sometimes be blemishes such as frosting, dipping, cracking, or surface imperfections. None of these blemishes will affect the lighting, burning, or scent throw of the candle.

I ordered a candle tin product, and it looks like it is rusting. What is this?

The metal tin candles that we sell can sometimes show a discoloration around the inside rim of the candle that can look like rust. We assure you, it is not rust. This is a natural reaction between certain fragrance oils that have base notes of vanilla or citrus and the metal composition of the tin. This discoloration only happens once in a while and not with all fragrances. It will not affect the lighting, burning, or scent throw of the candle either.

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