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Terms and Conditions for Bulk Orders

By placing an order you, hereby known as the client, are agreeing to the following terms and conditions set forth by Naturally Rustic Candles LLC, hereby known as the Owner. 

The client understands that all bulk orders (orders of 100 or more items) require a non refundable 50% down payment of the total cost upfront. The remaining 50% of payment will be due upon shipment/delivery of all products to the client. 

The client understands that once the 50% down payment is received and processed, Naturally Rustic Candles will then begin producing the order. The client will then receive the remaining 50% balance invoice upon completion of the order. Once this invoice is paid in full, Naturally Rustic Candles will ship/deliver the completed order to the client. Once payments are received, Naturally Rustic Candles will not refund, discount, or cancel any portion of the client’s financial responsibilities (unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties). 

The client understands that any estimated completion date is an estimate. As such, delays may occur outside of the company’s control. In such situations, Naturally Rustic Candles agrees to communicate to the client of any delays and will attempt to rectify any problems or issues in a mutually beneficial manner. 

Naturally Rustic Candles is not responsible for delays due to third party shipping. 

The client understands that they have 7 calendar days upon receiving their completed order to disclose any issues or problems with their purchased items. Damaged or missing products will either be replaced, or the cost refunded, as determined by the owner. The client understands that when claiming damage or missing products they agree to provide photographic evidence to Naturally Rustic Candles by email within the 7 day time period. After this period, the sale is considered finalized and complete. 

The client understands that due to the nature of natural ingredients used to make the products, there may be some slight appearance flaws.  Naturally Rustic Candles is not responsible for the refunding/replacing of any products due to natural cosmetic flaws (i.e. frosting, color shading, fine line cracks/dips on top level of wax). These flaws do not affect the usage of the products in any way and result from the nature of the ingredients. 

By submitting payment, the client is acknowledging to have read and agreed to these terms and conditions, as well as terms and conditions on the company website (

Bulk Ordering: Bulk Ordering
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